About me

My name is Max Burdilov, I live in London with my wife and a 10-month-old son. I like to read, to travel and to surf.

I am an 8-figure Amazon seller with 10+ years of e-commerce experience. Over the years my company launched hundreds of products in different niches, both in the USA and in Europe.

About this newsletter

Within my company, we have a dedicated team that scans the market for new product opportunities. We use a variety of tools, such as Google Trends, Tiktok, Amazon Brand Analytics, Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer etc.

Some of these opportunities are published in this newsletter. The focus is on products where the overall market demand is growing and where we think there is a niche on Amazon USA.

The newsletter is published weekly since May 2022. You can see past newsletters in the archive.

Why am I doing this?

Our company only acts on a handful of product ideas that we find, due to limited resources. Most of the opportunities that we find end up unused.

We decided to share our excess ideas with others. The newsletter is currently free, but the plan is to introduce paid subscriptions, starting from October 2022.

Also, writing about new product trends is something I personally enjoy!

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